Thursday, July 19, 2012

{Family}: Yay for the Dales!

So I may have mentioned in the past that my cousin Amy is a ridiculously legit photographer - I blogged about our Christmas card session here and her website is Amy Dale Photography, found here. Well Amy and Andrew are so much fun - Amy is so genuine and sincere, plus she's funny and easy going. Andrew (her husband) is awesome - he and Jake get along really well. He's smart and quirky, has a great sense of humor. They are both musicians and artsy, down to earth, and active in their church. They just bought a downtown condo that is ridiculously awesome and are invested in helping build up the South Main community.

Well not only are they just rockin' at life, but they found out in the spring that they are pregnant! So last night we went over for a little party where they announced they are having a GIRL!!! Amy looks precious (and perfectly tiny and cute, so jealy) and they are just both so happy.

So I stole this banner off the top of their blog where they're keeping track of their journey:

We are so so excited for them and can't wait to meet little babydale in December! Keep them in your prayers as they move through this journey of becoming parents. They're going to be GREAT parents!

Oh and just got to throw this out there, Amy is seriously awesome at photography and is a great businessperson who has built an amazing brand. If you're in the market for wedding photography (and she does a bit of portrait/lifestyle too), holla at her off her website. You won't be disappointed.

Yay for babies!!!

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