Sunday, July 8, 2012

{Browser Window Shopping}: IKEA inspirations.

It is no secret that I love IKEA. I even wrote an open letter to the Swedes themselves attempting to persuade them to come to Memphis (by the way - no one has contacted me about this very serious request).

As I prepare to visit Atlanta next week for some training for school, you better believe I'm prepping myself for a trip to IKEA. So in the spirit of the visit, I've been stalking their website and getting ideas and inspiration from their pictures. Here are a few of my favorites, with commentary (naturally).

(I screenshot these off the IKEA website, which is why they have strange pluses and such on some of them)

What I love: glass door wardrobes & stenciled walls.

What I love: Am I too old for a lofted bed? Probably... would be perfect in a teen's room. Also, that rug - so chic.

What I love: Built ins with frosted doors, red dresser, yellow door.

What I love: Butcher block counter, rails with kitchen prepware hanging, cabinet in the corner with glass doors.

What I love: Can I just have this whole kitchen? Love the open doorway between the kitchen and dining room with the glass top?

What I love: plants in the window sill, baskets on the shelf under the cabinets, large subway tile on the walls.

What I love: the picture rail above the dining table.

What I love: the red benches and chalkboard wall with hooks for bags.

What I love: black glass front cabinet for all our dishes, open to the kitchen.

What I love: a station for my sewing machine with inspiration boards.

What I love: color on the wall (reminds me of SW's Lemon Verbena), entry station for shoes and such, mirror hung lengthwise with lights above, gallery wall on left.

What I love: another lofted bed (again.. too old?) but this one has a precious reading nook under it.

What I love: when I was a kid, I would have loved this coloring station with ledge for displaying my art.

What I love: can I say everything? I love the porch, the pennant bunting, the chaise loungers, the umbrella.

What I love: the splash of green on the wall in an otherwise white kitchen, the table coming out from the wall seamlessly since it is painted the same color.

What I love: the media center, the amount of seating in the living room, the large coffee table, the gallery wall in the dining room, and the way the kitchen is open but not open to the living space.

What I love: the amount of light is wonderful but really the green open bookshelf system sells this picture for me.

What I love: this wall color is soothing and I love the open shelves on the side.

What I love: this couch, the pillows, those bookshelves.

What I love: those polka dotted curtains, the way the "library" is open to the den, the blue color on the walls, the lights on top of the shelves.

As you can see, IKEA can be a place of great inspiration for home decor. I've found the store to be overwhelming and the website shopping unhelpful, but if you have patience and innovation, you can really make something special for your home!!

Now about IKEA coming to Memphis....
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