Saturday, January 30, 2010

An Open Letter to IKEA

Dear Ikea, 

I'm a huge fun who resides in Memphis, TN. You guys over in Sweden may think Memphis is a stereotypical hick southern town, but in fact we are a booming metropolis and have many assets that would cause you to look into putting your next stateside IKEA location right here in Memphis, TN. 

Currently, you guys at IKEA have put your closest store 6 hours away from Memphis, in Atlanta, GA. I've been. It is glorious. The thing is, I think you may have something against the South. Other than Atlanta, the only southern IKEA store is in North Carolina. There are a few in Florida, but lets be honest - Florida isn't the south. Maybe you crazy Swedes think that us Southerners sit around in our overalls chewing on hay and sipping lemonade out of mason jars but that is far from the truth. Southerners love great looking household items at good prices just as much as our West Coast and New England counterparts. 

I'm writing to propose that you put your next IKEA store right here in the heart of Memphis - Midtown. There are some great properties at steals of prices. Midtown would be perfect. It is a happening place - the New York Times even thinks so. We've got all sorts of urbanites who could fill our renovated bungalows with Ektorp sofas and Hemnes bedroom furniture. And don't even get me started on your storage features. I've been lusting after a perfectly arranged closet ever since I visited your store three years ago. These Midtown houses have very little storage. 

A Midtown store would be a great asset to your company not just because us Midtowners clearly deserve an IKEA (Target has been teasing us with talks of a store for years now) but also because Memphis is in the heart of the Mid-South and is easily accessible to people from many surrounding places. With I-40, the major US interstate, running straight through Memphis, people could come from all over to visit your store. Think about all those Arkansans, Mississippians, Kentuckyites, and more who would mosey on over to visit the one and only IKEA. 

It is about time you European masterminds at IKEA came on down to the land of the blues, home of Elvis, to see for yourself why IKEA needs to put a store in Memphis. I'd personally shop there every week - it is a sacrifice I'm willing to make. I just can't drive 6 hours any more to get all the picture frames, assembled furniture, and meatballs that my heart desires. 

Personally yours, #1 IKEA fan in Memphis, 


Unknown said...

You put a big smile on my face, we got our 1st Ikea near me a couple of years ago...I love stopping in there and walking though the different homes. Before that we only had to drive an hour - hopefull you'll get one soon

Sagefemme said...

Oh, man. I ran across your blog while searching for the closest IKEA to Memphis. I am planning a move back "home" to Memphis, and am trying to decide whether it is "worth it" to rent a truck to bring my furniture from CA, or just buy it new at IKEA once I get there. I can NOT believe the closest one is in Atlanta! Can't do without my Expedit cubbies!Renting a truck....

Unknown said...

I agree!! I live in jonesboro ar, just an hour west of Memphis. I would LOVE to see Memphis to get an ikea!!!


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