Tuesday, January 26, 2010

House Tour: Back Bedroom (a glimpse)

So as you may remember from my anniversary post, Jake and I spent a few weekends ago working on our "master" bedroom. Here's the before as a reminder:

Well its not quite time for a true after but what we have gotten done:

- Painted the walls
- Hung a picture wall of Ellen's ginkgo pictures (I'm in love)
- bought a fancy antique four poster bed for a steal (but currently don't have rails for it yet..)
- finally put the dresser mirror on the wall
- started hanging curtains

What we need to do:
- assemble bed (see above comment about rails - currently the bed is leaning against the wall)
- put up two remaining curtains

So in the meantime, I'll share a project I did. Take a look at the picture above. Notice the bedside tables that are clearly a birch color, not the nice cherry that my dresser and newfound bed are? They were computer desks from my parents (so... free!) and just the right height for our bed. Also, see the awkward lamp shade? I tried to take the old lamp shade from a different lamp and spray paint/paint pen it. It was sad. No good. 

So, I did this:

First, the bedside table. I sanded, sprayed it with grey primer spray paint, then spray painted it with red spray paint. Let that dry (and ran to get more red paint...). Oh yeah - played with my new favorite toy, the plastic spray paint gun thing that makes my hands not cramp. Where has that been my whole house owning life?

After a lot of spraying and drying, I took giraffe scrapbook paper (since I love giraffe print and it is the "theme" of the room) and mod podged it to the top of the table (per La's idea - what a great one) and then used the scrap giraffes from the bottom to do an edge on the inside drawer: 

Also, at the same place I bought my awesome antique bed, I found a lamp shade for something like $3 that really dressed up my spray painted lamp (which I think I actually got from that same antique store about 4 years ago - I'll blog about my favorite antique store besides Sheffield's soon). I took the pictures that were stapled on canvas from our engagement party and used the mod podge to seal them on the canvas for a smoother look. 

Now I've just got to tackle the rest of the list and I'll be on my way to having a completed master bedroom!

1 comment:

lauren @ gathering moss said...

nice mod podge! i see you finally found your giraffe paper? very cute. can't wait to see the finished room!

we often take our dogs to toby field on central. clifton will run laps around the baseball diamond (he gets bad shin splints on concrete) and let the dogs run wild. they love it. looks like your pups enjoyed a makeshift dog park too :)


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