Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to Jake!

Also known as everyone deserves Muddy's on their birthday. 

Jake's birthday was today. He's officially in a new demographic according to many geographers - he is 26! He's my old man now. The poor guy has a test tomorrow and Wednesday so he spent the day studying but we did manage to go to lunch with my parents at his favorite, the Happy Mexican - he loves the Shane King Burrito. My parents were so sweet and got a box of Muddy's cupcakes for us all and so we retreated back to their house for presents and cupcakes. They got lots of different ones (including my stand-by, the grasshopper). Everyone deserves Muddy's on their birthday. 

We had two left over and got sent home with them - one got a bit smushed on the way but you get the point. The left one is Jake's favorite, Frankly Scarlett, the red velvet, and on the right is a new contender in my eyes, the chocolate with cream cheese icing (which has some quirky name that I can't recall). The thing I love about Muddy's (besides the price) is that their cake to the cup cake is really moist and tasty. I'm not a huge cake person and usually love the icing but not the cake. In this case, they've got me hooked on their cake. 

The other thing about Muddy's is the atmosphere. It is such a cute, local, quaint place where, to quote Cheer's, everybody knows your name. Another cupcakery opened right down the road and despite the piles of icing they have on their cupcakes, you won't find me going there because I love the homegrown feeling of Muddy's. Support local business!

OK - off my soapbox (...stepping down...). Jake's birthday - we've spent the day inside because of studying and snow but honestly I'm glad to have the guy to myself all day even if he's studying. I love being able to go in and see him, nose in the books, studying away. It is really sweet. He's got an interview for med school in a week and I'm hoping big time that they finally see the light and let him in. He wants it so bad! 

Other than studying, Jake spent some time doing his next favorite activity, playing with our boys:
They love him. And a good belly-rub. 

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Kat at Muddy's Bake Shop said...

Oh GOSH! Thanks so much for the glowing review and I'm so glad we got to be a part of the birthday celebration. Y'all rock!!!
ps. the choc + cream cheese = new yorker and yes, it's awesome!


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