Monday, January 18, 2010

Our next project.

We've hit a bit of a stall on our next project. I'm hoping for some completion in the next week - we'll see. 

Our "next project" is actually our first big project. So far we've painted, taken down doors to open the flow of the rooms, ripped down cabinets, simple things. This is a big thing. 

Currently we do our laundry in our kitchen pantry. It is not ideal for many reasons, some being that 1) you are doing your laundry in a kitchen, which weirds me out, 2) I'd like a pantry, 3) when you're standing in front of the dryer trying to get stuff out of the washer, you have to reach over the hot water tank to get there. 

For all those reasons and more, we've decided to move the laundry to a closet in the hall: 

This was taken standing in the living room, staring straight ahead at the bedroom hallway. Currently this closet (which, interestingly, was the exact right width for both a washer and dryer) is halfway done. Right when we moved in, we were all excited and got a plumber to put in our washer line (which was easy-ish since this backs up to a bathroom). To do so, we've got a big hole in the side of our house where he cut a new crawlspace - which is why we had this happen. We had an electrician come and wire the place. Now all that is left is for our contractor-friend to come and finish it all out. He's got to widen the door so we can have bi-folds, put in the finishing touches like plugs, and put the wall back together. 

We've already got a front-loader washer and dryer from Craig's List that was less than a year old. We'll have to show a picture when it is complete. I have plans..

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