Saturday, January 23, 2010


I mentioned that Ellen's birthday was Thursday. Friday night we had a ridiculously fun 80's themed skate party at Cordova Skating Rink. Elise hosted the party for Elle and all our favorite people were there. 

I decided to go Risky Business on the theme and took one of Jake's button ups and paired it with black leggings. I accessorized with hot pink sunglasses (at night) and an authentically 80's beaded necklace of my mom's.  

The best part? I used to be quite the avid rollerblader back in the day. And my mom saved these for me:

My blades. I got these in middle school and apparently my feet haven't grown since then. So last night I may have been the only one rolling into a 24 year old's birthday party at the Skate Center with my own blades but I was sure happy when I was whizzing by on the rink. 

What a fun night! Skating, 80's gear.... AND a Muddy's birthday cake. Happy Birthday, Ellen!!


Amy Dale (Amy Cox) said...

if blogger had a "like" button, i would like this post 101 times.

lauren @ gathering moss said...

I LOVE BLADING. my friend katie and i used to go bladin' at shelby farms all the time in high school and college! i still have my blades too!


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