Sunday, April 28, 2013

{Life}: Lately.

Spring has been good to us around here. Despite a string of bad luck (stolen debit card number, dead car battery, a new AC compressor for same car, and finally Jake backing into a fire hydrant), the past month has been overwhelmingly positive. Great news at work, fun times with family and friends, and quality time with my guy - can't complain.

{the fire hydrant won that round} :

A few weeks ago I went shopping with a pal. I'm a frugalista by nature and out of necessity (I get it honestly from my mom...) and so I have to share this - Burlington Coat Factory has super cute necklaces. You've got to dig through some trash and it won't be the best quality but for someone who can't stomach paying a ton for a statement necklace you'll wear with only a few outfits, it is definitely worth it. Here are two of the four I got:

I also got to spend some time eating lunch with my cousin and her PRECIOUS baby girl, Layla. This girl is growing up (as children do, I suppose) and every time I see her I am reminded about the importance of making time for family.

I spent some time shopping with my mom at a new antique place...

There was LOTS of pet time this spring...

And a little video to see what I deal with on a daily basis - Beamer is hilarious.

Jake also worked a lot of night shifts this month - so one night Beamer and I took him dinner.

Then Jake and I celebrated being off a long shift with Central BBQ...

Spring hit our neighborhood suddenly, after a string of cold weather and then a lot of rain. We finally got blooms on our azaleas out front and oh do I love them!

We also finally met with our contractor to get a quote for the porch posts...

Jake has been studying a lot for his test next week. Tyson tried to help but he was no help...

More pet pics... dinner time at our house:

Tyson has been very cuddly lately. Who knew he could be nice?

Jake and I also finally tried out the hot fudge pie at Westy's in the Pinch district downtown. I officially have found the thing that I crave most in life. It was ridiculously delicious.

We've been cheering on the Grizz from our couch...

Taking walks around the neighborhood, enjoying the beautiful weather.

Even school has gotten into the spring times - our geese have hatched their goslings. Aren't they precious?

{Note: I'm such a city girl that I didn't know they were called goslings. Thanks to GG for that info}

We have this awful untended bed that is technically our neighbors (a rental) but it is jungle-esque. And yet these beautiful plants seem to persevere through the lack of attention, the weeds and drought. This week our irises have been blooming.

And with that, I leave you with a picture of Sebastian - this one is special because whenever I try to take pictures of him, he gets so excited to get attention that he comes towards you... meaning I never get good pictures unless he is sleeping.

In loving spring,

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