Monday, April 1, 2013

{Travel}: Visiting the Vaughans in Atlanta.

Over Easter weekend, Jake and I headed down to Atlanta to see our friends Beth and Brad. We left Friday and arrived in time for a fun dinner at a hip Atl spot, West Egg:

It serves breakfast all day but also has a menu full of country chic food choices. We got some fried green tomatoes and a "winter pickle jar," which included various pickled winter veggies:

Jake got a pork and grits dish and I got meatloaf and mac.

We headed back to their house for the night, where we proceeded to snuggle with their two dogs (Toby, below, and Ollie, a bassador):

Saturday morning we hit up the Silver Skillet, an Atlanta establishment with the locals, for breakfast. It is a diner that serves your stereotypical Southern breakfast and it is so good.

After breakfast we headed over to IKEA for the morning, which merits its own post. Here's a teaser:

After IKEA we went back to the house to do some serious napping (shopping is hard work) before our hosts cooked us dinner and we settled in to watch basketball.

Sunday morning was Easter so we went to Brad and Beth's church for their morning service.

After church we changed clothes and ate lunch before getting on the MARTA headed towards the Atlanta Aquarium.

Here we are riding the MARTA. Have I mentioned Jake loves it when I make him take selfies?

The aquarium was very busy - we bought tickets online in advance and printed them out so we got to skip the MASSIVE line for tickets.

The aquarium is very well done and even though it was very crowded, it flowed well and the exhibits were big enough that we could see most everything even with the crowds.

There were a few things I loved the most and this was one of them - the exhibit said this is the world's largest aquarium. It had 4 whale sharks in addition to tons of other fish.

After the big tank exhibit we headed over for our showing of the Dolphin Tales show. A note about this show in case you're going to the aquarium... first of all, buy your tickets in advance and book a time for the show (it is included in the price but you need to reserve your seats). The theater is huge but if you just walk up on a weekend you won't get a seat. Speaking of huge theater, getting into it was pretty stressful - they funnel you up this escalator and then you have to get in line to wait to get seats. It was really crowded and people were not so nice.

Once we were in the theatre, the show itself was good. The dolphins were amazing. I could have done without the Disney-esque theatrical show that ran throughout and I actually think it could have been scary for kids. I was there for the dolphins and they didn't disappoint. Here we are waiting for the show to start:

After the Dolphin Tales show we visited the other exhibits:

A beluga whale (also where I learned no one else listened to Raffi as a kid - I sang Baby Baluga and Jake looked at me like I was crazy):

That night we hung out at home, watching TV and eating pizza. It was a relaxing weekend and definitely fun to hang out with our friends.

Monday morning brought the ride home..

Jake and I accidentally matched each other in our Tennessee gear...

It was a beautiful day for a drive home. We made it safely in the early afternoon.

And that's how we spent Easter weekend!
Here's to friends and fun and traveling,

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Kala M. said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. I spent most of my weekend cleaning and doing laundry. That's what happens when we are always out running around on weekends. On Saturday the apartment got a full dusting, vacuuming, I washed my horse's winter blanket at the laundry mat and hung it out to dry on the deck. Then Sunday was spent washing our regular laundry at my parents house and eating Easter dinner.

andrea said...

looks like a fabulous weekend! and i totally listened to raffi as a kid!!! he had the best songs.


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