Wednesday, December 16, 2009

House Tour: The Den

When we were looking at houses, our priorities were closets (I have a lot of clothes... a lot), 2 full baths, and two separate living spaces. We found all that with this house and love having a living room AND a den. The den's decor, however, we weren't too fond of. The den is part of an addition to the house from the 1970's. We knew this based on the wood paneling but it was confirmed when we started prepping and pulled newspaper out of the bottom of the window ("insulation" I guess?) that was dated January 4th, 1971.

This is what we started with....

We did some research and found out that for wood paneling you need to use an oil based primer before you paint. Here's the post about that experience - my mom and Jake joined in for the fun...

Here's a picture of the den/back door area after being primed:

It stayed like this for a few weeks until we had another free weekend, when my mom and I took the Friday after Thanksgiving to paint. The after pictures from that experience are in this blog post.

In the mean time, Sebastian laid on the tacky, undecorated den wishing we'd get our act together..

But finally we did it - paint on the walls (Sherwin William's Koi Pond), furniture arranged, shelves arranged. Here is the end result:

Look - in the background you can see the results of Project 3!
The pumpkin painting was done by my brother, Ezra. The rocker was my grandmother's that she left for me.

On the left in this picture you can see the shelves we put up above the couch. There are a few Memphis Zoo pictures I took, along with some DVDs, a coke bottle from the Atlanta Coca-Cola tour, and other stuff. Ignore the little wreaths on the ribbon on the wall - it was a Christmas decoration idea gone awry.

You can also see the results of Project 2, the curtains.

Our next dilemma is pictured below. Our kitchen, which is connected to the den by this mini hall, needs some work. It is dated - decor wise and functionally. We get the tax credit for first time homeowners so I think we're using that money to do something with the kitchen. Here's what we're working with:

Standing at the backdoor looking in the kitchen. To the right of the refrigerator is the door to the dining room and next to the door is our stove, which you can't really see. Behind the door with the cork board is our pantry (currently a laundry room).

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