Tuesday, December 15, 2009

House Tour: Front Bathroom

When we started out in the house, the front bathroom was... like everything else... white. One thing we love about this house are the bathrooms - they are both generous in size for Midtown houses and in good shape. This front one has a large linen closet that is very (verry) deep (to the right as you walk in) and we've turned the bottom in to a little cat apartment for Tyson.

This first picture is the realtor's picture and you can tell they used a wide lens because I can't seem to get that much of the bathroom in my picture and I stand against the hall wall! What we loved about the bathroom was the classic black and white tile. We didn't like the light fixtures (in the second picture you can see them - a plastic tube on the wall and a gold thing on the ceiling), the cabinet above the toilet (purchased from Sears in the 1960s in case you wondered), the medicine cabinet mirror, and all the white in the room.

The realtor's picture of the bathroom, from MLS.

My excellent photography skills documenting the prior light fixtures in the bathroom.

We started out trying to decide on a color. I really wanted to use the white and wheat bathroom stuff from our old bathroom (shower curtain and hand towels) and wanted a bright, cool color to complement the white, beige, and black we'd have going on in our bathroom. I started out picking out this blue.... (In this pic, check out the 1960's cabinet above the toilet!)

Some Glidden blue from Lowe's....

But decided it was too baby blue. I really wanted a turquoise to go with the black. We ended up picking Drizzle from Sherwin Williams and I love it. It has just enough grey to be mature while still being bright and turquoise. In this picture you can see the Drizzle paint in action, along with our Pottery Barn clearance silk roman shade, my awesomely amazing picture of the CGM tree Ellen gave me, and our toilet that is off center (which totally bugs me). Does anyone else notice the toilet isn't centered between the wall and the vanity? Or is that just me...

Tyson decided to be a model that day. This is HIS bathroom, after all.

Here you can see our new light fixture. We got two of these, one for each bathroom, from Home Depot's contractor series line for 24$ each. Compared to other brushed nickel finished bathroom vanity lights with white frosted glass, we saved about 30$ doing the contractor line.

Also in this picture you can see that we took the medicine cabinet out and replaced it with a regular mirror, black framed to match the tile. It was $16 from TJ Maxx... And behind it is still the hole from the medicine cabinet but luckily we have a brother with carpentry skills who needs some fast cash!

I've learned it is very hard to get a good picture of a light fixture. I don't like to take pictures with the flash and yet if you turn the light off to get a picture of the fixture, it is too dark... Also to the right in this picture you can sort of see the entrance to Tyson's apartment. He jumps in through the hamper door.

Here's Tyson, modelling again in his new bathroom.

And here is the final product. What do you think?

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lauren @ gathering moss said...

i super love the paint color! good choice! that is my current favorite shade of blue. and don't worry, the off-center toilet would bug me too ;)


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