Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

We've spent the past days with family and friends, cherishing the time we have together and enjoying everyone's company. Our first Christmas as a married couple was successful. While we didn't have much money to buy presents, we budgeted and came up with ideas for the special ones in our lives - things we knew they'd enjoy, appreciate, and cherish. We received many good presents as well. We are so lucky to have supportive family and friends.

I've been struggling with Christmas this year. It seems like the adult years bring less of the Christmas joy and anticipation and more of the Christmas stress. I tried very hard not to get caught up in that this year and yet didn't feel the "spirit." I thought a trip to the mall to see all the decorations and observe the madness would help. While it was fun, it didn't bring about the spirit. What truly brought the "Christmas spirit" on for me was spending time with my family and enjoying being around them. We don't see enough of our extended family and so I guess one of the meanings of Christmas is bringing people together - whether it is your cousins or a bunch of shepherds and wise men.

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