Monday, December 14, 2009

House Tour: Dining Room

Next on our tour of before and afters is our dining room. Here's the before, taken on closing night as we walked in the door. One of the things about the dining room that you can see here is the amount of doors - on the left of the picture is a door to our guest bedroom. Straight ahead is the door to the den and to the right (barely seen in the picture) is the door to the kitchen.

Since that picture we've painted (the same Bee's Wax since it flows into the living room), replaced the light fixture, and replaced our thermostat with a programmable one. We also acquired a console table from a friend to add to our dining room hodge podge of furniture. Here's where we are now:

On one wall we have my IKEA prints (love them) and console table. On the table is one of three wooden ducks I have (a small collection), the cute lazy susan serving dish I got from my mom for my birthday, and a copper serving tiered dish. You can also see the new thermostat.

On the other wall is my china cabinet. I got it from my parents for graduation from an antique store in Knoxville called Three Sisters. Inside are our two china sets, the blue is every day from Gift and Art and the yellow/black is our "china" china from Macy's, it is Villeroy and Bach's Audun pattern. I've also got my glassware in there.

Here's the whole effect - check our our new light fixture. It lets off much more light than the last one (our main concern) and also fits our style better.

And, for effect, here's our spread from our Christmas party. You can see the red door in the background there, referenced in my living room post.

Notice that Tyson is staring longingly at the food...


Unknown said...

Just came across your blog, loving your china cabinet!

Unknown said...

Thank you!! I got it from an antique store in Knoxville where I went to school. We love being able to display our china:)


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