Thursday, May 27, 2010

End of school!

With the kids gone Tuesday, today was our last day of school. "Our" being the teachers, that is. This has been a crazy year, with lots of ups and downs. I'm finding that ups and downs are life, though. A lot of people said this year was harder than usual for them. A lot. Statistically, I'd say the majority. For me, I guess I just didn't know better since it is only my second year. I've got some exciting things in store for the fall at school and will be working this summer to prepare. 

I leave Sunday for Camp. I'm Assistant Director for Camp Gailor-Maxon and I absolutely love spending time on the Mountain. It is refreshing. I'll be blogging daily there for camp and while I'm gone, will be posting an image a day (or so) on here. In addition, I'm hoping that the kitchen reno will start while I'm gone so maybe Jake can snag some pics of it in progress! 

Once I was done with school today, it was time to full-scale get into camp mode. Seeing as I haven't gone shopping in a while, I needed to get a few summer items. I felt so grown up, taking in a bunch of things to try on but only getting the ones I loved the most. Usually, I'd buy anything that fit and was cute but now I'm better about my budget. I also bought my first "grown up" bathing suit, a cute tankini. I needed a swim suit for camp and need to be more modest around the kids. 

 Here's my loot from today's trip. I hit up Old Navy, Land's End, and Targ. I especially love the blue/white shirt on the right and my new pajamas with sock monkeys on them. 

The best part? I got all that for less than the price of this Lilly dress I've been craving:

That's right - I got 4 T's, 2 tanks, 2 sleeveless shirts, 2 dressy tops, a cardigan, white capris, a swim suit, and 2 pairs of pjs all for the price of the dress I want. 

Someday I'll be able to afford that dress, but for now, I'll look good for less.  

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