Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thoughts for the day

In lieu of an actual post for today, I'm leaving you with 10 assorted thoughts running through my head...

1) I'm on the edge of forgoing my beloved corner banquette for a more practical plan. This pains me but makes fiscal and design sense. My new plan does involve in-kitchen eating but instead involves three or so of these:

Taken from Target's website (this is the Crossback stool, 24 inch, which is $99). Target seems to have a plethora of barstools on their website. I saw these ones at TJ Maxx that I fell in love with - they had the same straw seat as my dining chairs and were painted wood (love). We'll see what I end up with. 

2) We're picking appliances for the kitchen. We've picked out our fridge and slide in range and found that they can be purchased online significantly cheaper than locally. Has anyone purchased such a large item online? Here's the range we're looking at on the company we're looking to buy from:  http://www.us-appliance.com/fpgs3085kf.html

Isn't it beautiful? Jake's in love with this line from the website:
"With True Convection, you can easily and evenly bake 200 chicken nuggets in 10 minutes" I mean, who doesn't want that?

3) School is winding down, which means that camp is soon! I'm very excited.

4) I really need to finish unpacking.

5) I want to cook more recipes and try out more things. 

6) We're finishing our office and our silly cork squares won't stay on the wall. I think we're going to have to frame them, which I didn't want to do. 

7) Our utility bill has been low two months in a row! This is a pleasant surprise, one that we really need.. well and we've been living without air conditioning for some time now. That probably helped. Keep the thermostat set high!

8) I haven't bought clothes in almost three months. For anyone that knows me, this is a huge accomplishment. The last things I bought, I got super on clearance. 

9) I am listening to Jake's running playlist on his computer as I type this. He has "My life would suck without you" by Kelly Clarkson on the playlist. And that's why I love him! I'm jamming out right now. 

10) I've had a bit of "blogger's block" lately because we're not cooking fun things, we're not spending money on the house, and I'm bad at taking pictures of the fun things we do with our friends. I promise I'm not really this boring.

1 comment:

Hilary Dow Ward said...

LOVE the stove! Man, what a banging deal! That's totally affordable and you could buy like 4 of those for the price of a bluestar! Sa-weet!


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