Friday, May 28, 2010

More details.

The problem with it taking forever to get your tax return and then it taking forever to be your turn for the contractor (he's a busy guy) is that you get to think and think and think. I swear I've never planned so much for one thing in my life! 

Well, I have decided I do want white subway tile as a backsplash in the kitchen. And Jake and I visited our appliances at Sears today (still trying to decide whether to buy in store or online through US Appliances...). I'm painting the cabinets white, will have black matte granite or solid surface counters, cork floors, black canvas pendant lighting... I know all this. 

Today I decided to do a google image search, just to see what was out there. So I typed in "white cabinets white subway tile" and the first result was just meant to be. Here's a kitchen inspiration from Southern Living:

I love this picture. And now it has me thinking - I was going to do dark pulls, in a matte black, but I'm wondering if I should do brushed nickel?

The next picture in the series from Southern Living really got me thinking:
It is a zoom out of the above picture. And it got me thinking because I have been debating about a color for the kitchen. Our den is (and will even more so) open to the kitchen and we really need to continue the green (Koi Pond by Sherwin Williams) into the kitchen. I just didn't want to go as dark in the kitchen... and the color I had picked out (Lemon Verbena) is more olive like I want, but just as dark. So now, with this picture above, I'm thinking I need to move lighter on the color wheel so I'm going to see what lies around Koi Pond that is lighter and more olive because I'm really digging this color from the Southern Living spread. 

Now, this next picture has been floating around the blog-o-sphere for some time and I saved it a while ago after seeing it on several different blogs. I can't remember who had it originally, but at any rate, it isn't mine but serves as inspiration:

What I like from this picture is the shelf under the cabinets. We're using our original cabinets and moving them up higher. I'd like to add an open shelf like this under the cabinets to display some of our cuter stuff. I do wonder if it would move the upper cabinets too high for my 5ft4 self....


Hilary Dow Ward said...

OH MY GOSH---I LOVE IT!!!! Great photo inspirations!

Hilary Dow Ward said...

Reflecting back...I remembered this photo and it surely does look like your new kitchen!

Unknown said...

Funny - I just posted this picture in my post for tomorrow about paint colors... I referenced it as my "original inspiration".


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