Sunday, November 28, 2010

Go there: Las Delicias

I've been hearing for some time about Las Delicias. I should have known it would be amazing when a friend brought their fresh guacamole and made a guac lover out of me, a decidedly non-guac lover. I've had their chips and cheese dip before too. Again, amazing. Chips are made fresh and unlike any other chips at any other restaurant I've had. 

So, finally, after hearing about this place from half of facebook, twitter, and Memphis bloggers, my brothers suggested to my parents that we go over Thanksgiving weekend. And off we went to Las Delicias (on Park at Getwell). 

All I can say is wow. Authentic, cheap, delicious (maybe that is where they got the name Delicias? who knows). I loved everything I ate and I consider myself very picky with Mexican food. It reminded me a lot of my meal when I visited Mexico briefly on my senior cruise and we strayed from the tourist strip to a real Mexican place. 

I got the steak tacos. They had cilantro in them, which was very good, and I asked for melted cheese on top (that is the brown top to them). The taco shells were soft and fresh. I am already craving them again. 

Jake got the fajitas - I think Alabre was the name of the dish? It was steak with peppers and onions. He says his was good too. 

I will definitely be visiting again, probably often. They've made a believer out of me. 

And maybe next time I won't be the crazy girl taking pictures of her food with an iphone...

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