Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm loving...

Our dining room has four chairs of a matching set (but three different colors) that I love. We got them at World Market and now they don't carry them, so we can't get two more. Last year my parents got us some white ones, which do well for seating two more people. 
 I've been thinking for some time about what I'll do long term for the two chairs I need. The white ones are fine but in the future, it would be fun to have two "head of the table" type chairs on either end. 

I found this picture from Southern Living and really like it:
I'm now thinking about finding two chairs like the one on the end, painting them the claret red via spray paint to match the red chair I have, and doing the pillow in chair look like that one. I found this chair from IKEA and am wondering how close I could get it to look...
 This is the Majby chair with armrests for 79.99. Found here.

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