Monday, November 15, 2010

Sweet CeCe's Froyo.

I love YoLo. I mention it in my blog posts often. So today, when I decided after reading on Dining with Monkeys about Sweet CeCes to check it out, I felt a twinge of guilt with a side of excitement (since it was maybe a little espionage). What swayed me was reading that they had Mint FroYo. See, I love mint. 

We got there and surveyed the place. Sweet CeCe's is a chain and part of the "self serve froyo" fad. In fact, it is now one of four in a mile stretch of Poplar (it is next to Chili's if you were wondering). 

Obviously, I decided on the mint.  
 Their toppings were in this cool dispenser thing - one thing I wondered about was whether the entire tube was the dispenser or the top was for show and they added it to the part behind the stripe - because otherwise you'd have some serious staleness issues. I'm sure they've got it covered. It looks cool. They've also got some fresh toppings on the side as well. Oh and their spoon dispenser is wicked cool...
 Our order was about the same as YoLo (a little less because I didn't get a lot of froyo, being full from a delicious lunch at Dixie Cafe). Honestly... I couldn't really tell much of a difference. YoLo has more toppings and more flavors I like (Espresso is my favorite) but they do change theirs often and I don't know if Sweet CeCe's does that. The vibe wasn't as "cool" but that could have been my bias swaying that feeling. Or it could have been the pepto-bismal pink walls stressing me out. I love pink but really, a bit intense. 

All in all, I'll be lobbying for YoLo to get mint because it was DELISH and I'd like to go back to visiting my favorite local establishment, my first love, YoLo. If not, Sweet CeCe's might get added in the rotation when I am craving mint instead of espresso. 


Hilary Dow Ward said...

ahem...what's the calorie count on a cup of that tastiness?

Unknown said...

They had them posted on the wall, a half a cup being something like 70 calories but they didn't have the irish mint posted:/I did get less than usual!


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