Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Make this: Spiced Chicken with Lime and Green Beans

Our next meal to make on the meal plan was Real Simple's Spiced Chicken with Lime and Green Beans (well, they had shrimp but I don't do shrimp).

Here's our version:
 Estimated costs for this meal:
Chicken - $3 (1/2 of the $6 pack)
Green Beans - $2
Jalapenos - $.50
Limes - $1
Cilantro - $.50
We already had the rice, garlic, and spices so this ended up being a cheap meal at $7. 

We couldn't find red jalapenos so we used regular green ones. The chicken worked well with it but I'm sure if you like shrimp it would be good. I really liked this and the taste was very different than most of the meals we make - the lime and cilantro were a really good flavor.

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