Sunday, November 7, 2010

Muddy's T contest!

You guys know I love Muddy's Bake Shop.... I've blogged about it here and again, here. Well, when they announced they were going to have a t-shirt design contest based on Memphis love, I drew up a quick design, thinking nothing of it (because I have no design talent, don't own any software, etc - I use Word and a scanner, for real). Well, imagine my surprise when my design was one of four chosen for the contest! Mine is the hand-drawn "Memphis is.." one, but since then I changed the font to a better font. 

There are three other super cute (and legit) designs, so if those are chosen, I understand but I am still very excited. Here's the page to view the designs and vote:

Muddy's Bake Shop T-Design

And, if nothing else, when you find yourself in East Memphis and craving sweets, stop at Muddy's and check out their cupcakes. My favorites are the Red Velvet (Frankly Scarlet) and the Mint (Grasshopper).

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Hilary Dow Ward said...

This is awesome! Yes, the Muddy's is steps away from bikram...I come out everyday looking at the shop...and justify not going in there because I always look like something that got caught in a drain when I come out of bikram.
I'm glad they started making the minis though, they're fun too!


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