Thursday, January 24, 2013

{Browser Window Shopping}: Antique Warehouse Mall.

Every once in a while I do a post on finds that I see but don't buy at the Summer Avenue Antique Mall, sometimes called Antique Warehouse. Here's the last time I did this, back in April.

The other day I hopped over to Antique Warehouse to spend a bit of time wandering amongst the antiques, just having a little "me" time. I spotted some fun finds to share.

When you go to the antique mall the first place to check out is the outside part - that is where the best furniture hides (can't believe I'm giving away my secret). It is totally junky and a treasure hunt but that is part of the fun. For example, check out this fun bed:

And see this yellow dresser hiding behind things? I love this dresser. Tried to think of an excuse to buy it...

Also I found this fun mirror laying around outside. I love it gold but you could also spray it something funky like turquoise or hot pink.

After making my way inside I found this hall tree. I am semi-obsessed with hall trees. This one isn't too frilly - almost arts and crafts-esque. I think the center could be neat with a memo board mounted on the back or something.

There's a booth right by the side door that is my favorite. She always has the best pyrex and kitchen knick-knacks. Here are some of her things:

There also was this fun vintage kitchen table - I love this style:

Making my way towards the back of the store I saw these fun blue Ball jars for $8 each - those are so hot right now. I loved the Pyrex orange juice container too.

On the right side of the store are the most styled booths - they are super vintage fun. The 50's kitchen always has great items. These chicken dishes were so adorable. If there had been more than 3 plates I would have snagged them. Come to think of it, how fun would those be mixed in with red plates? Hmm... And that butter dish? Adorbs.

This booth always cracks me up - it is one of the last on my stop around the store and always makes me smile. While I don't know that I would have any of this in my house, I think it is just way too cool.

So there you have it - browser window shopping at the antique store. See anything you like? Summer Avenue Antique Warehouse is definitely a place to check out!

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Anonymous said...

Must run in the family-Mom's and my favorite pastime is browsing the antique warehouses! Good finds!


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