Thursday, January 3, 2013

{House}: I'm in love with a sink.

Other than small cosmetic changes to our existing bathrooms, I don't have any plans for our bathrooms in our current house. But that doesn't stop me from salivating over beautiful bathrooms on Pinterest or in TV shows. Two bathrooms that I had pinned on my Pinterest page just kept coming back to me:

This first pin shows a beautiful teal bottomed three faucet sink in easily what I could call my dream bathroom:

With a little investigative work I found out that the sink was originally from Apartment Therapy's article on trough sinks in kids' bathrooms.

And then I noticed another one of my pins also featured a trough sink:
This picture doesn't have an original credit but I found it on a girl's blog (here).

Both sinks just got me thinking more and more about trough sinks. I especially love the sleek look of the second sink - I think it would be classy but fun. So I set out to find out what this sink was and how much it would set me back in my hypothetical, imaginary bathroom renovation.

Turns out this sink is a Kohler Brockway, coming in at just under $1500 for the two-hole variety (they have three hole ones as well). Now this price tag is without faucet. But isn't the look worth it?

You better believe that when I'm a grown-up and buy that big ole' house that I'm dreaming of to renovate and make my own, I'm going to have a large common bathroom with a huge Kohler Brockway sink in a funky-cute bathroom where we can all brush our teeth together and make happy memories.

Until then, I'm thankful for my two big bathrooms in good condition in the house that I love. But isn't it fun to dream?

In planning my life on Pinterest,

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Divers and Sundry said...

"that big ole' house that I'm dreaming of to renovate and make my own"

i dream of an urban condo with small easy-to-heat bathrooms -a place that's already been renovated, needing nothing from me but new window treatments. lol

but i love the look of big sprawling houses, and that sink is a treasure!


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