Sunday, May 31, 2009

A favorite charity of mine...

I blog a lot about Sebastian, my little guy I adopted the summer of 07. He was my best friend for my master's year at school and is a constant companion. He is loving having a brother in Beamer and a little rascal of a cat in Tyson. He lays out on the deck to get sun, is king of the couch, and snuggles at night. I never knew much about bassets before getting Beamer and now between Beamer and Sebastian, I know it will be hard once we get a new dog to get anything but a basset. They are the perfect pets - large dogs but small enough to not be overpowering, they are the right amount of active while still being lazy, and they are so loving. Not only do I know that I want to always have a basset but I also know that I will always adopt a basset, probably from Belly Rubs Bassets.

Belly Rubs is a favorite charity of mine because of the work they do with bassets all over Tennessee. They find basset hounds in shelters, they pick them up from abandoned houses, they rescue them from abusive situations, from breeding mills, and they take care of all medical needs. They house train them, foster them until they are ready for family life, and then they screen applicants to make sure the dog is going to be cared for - when I got Sebastian I had to have a home visit so they could see that he'd be safe. They charge an adoption fee but all they money goes towards the shots and medical care they had to do to get the dog (or other dogs) the treatment they needed.

There are always adorable dogs that need to be adopted.. here are some they have now:

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