Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A less addicted life

I've given up caffeine. At first, it was horrible. I was fine for 3 days, then got a migraine that hurt so much I couldn't open my eyes. I knew I was addicted. I kept strong for about 2 days more, then caved when Jake got me a frappachino from Starbuck's one day by request. After that, I was fine for another week until I got a frappachino, an energy drink, and an iced tea all in one day. That night, I thought I was going to die. Literally... my heart was racing out of my body.

So, thus, I'm back on the no-caffeine plan. And it is working well. I haven't had any since Friday. And it is Tuesday. My big headache came and went Sunday and I am still here, drinking g2 and water. And occasionally an adult beverage. Occasionally. Check back with me Thursday to see if I still am caffeine free. That is where I have been hitting the "wall" on this marathon to get myself cleansed of addictions to caffeine.

Since I can't drink caffeine, I have been looking for alternatives. At Big Lots on Saturday with my mom, I found 25cent cans of Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper. I bought 6 and wish I had gotten more - they seem to be very hard to find. It tastes JUST like Dr. Pepper. I can't really drink the caffeine free sodas that are also diet (like Coke's caffeine free diet coke) because I try to not consume artificial sweeteners so this was an exciting day for me to find a true DP with no caffeine. It was like tricking my body - I got to taste the DP and it thought it was getting caffeine.

So, why kick the habit? Well, I found myself unable to function on school mornings without my breakfast of Full Throttle, Coke's energy drink. I realized my life had become a little too reliant on a substance and I needed to stop. If I can do this faithfully, perhaps I'll have hope that I really am someone who can follow through with something. Then I'll try to kick my sweets habit! I can't give up ice cream.

In conclusion, if you see Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper for sale anywhere in Memphis, holla at me because I need to know where to buy it!

1 comment:

Peter Owen said...

That's really good for you. I'm a little jealous. I need to cut back myself.


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