Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So Jake and I got our kitten finally! Last Saturday, Jake and I went to Family Vet out in Bartlett and picked up Tyson Kitty Jasper. He is named after the Tyson Alumni House in Knoxville, which I think is one of the prettiest buildings on campus and is where I spent a lot of time while in school because the Student Alumni Associates were out of there.

So far, we've enjoyed Tyson. He is a little neurotic but apparently it is just kitten behavior. He chews on computer cords, will scale you and sit on your shoulder without permission, and jumps from couch to couch, lunging across the room. The dogs are ok with him but he is still a bit freaked out by them. He is getting a lot more brave, though, and now will sit on the couch and taunt them. He spends most of his time in the bathroom and is still having a bit of trouble eating solid foods, which concerns me. He doesn't lack for energy so he must be ok.

Jake even loves him. He acts all macho like he doesn't (because men apparently aren't supposed to like cats?) but he will cuddle with him and let Tyson crawl all over him. And he says since Tyson is a guy, he has me outnumbered 4-1 on voting issues of the household - but really I know that the dogs and Tyson would side with me. We'll see about that.

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