Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Adventures

This week is a bit of a transition for me... We're still in school but are doing exams so I'm less busy. I'm transitioning from teaching to camp stuff. I've been kicking it into high gear trying to get stuff ready to be Assistant Director for camp. I get up there late next Friday and spend two days with the director and another veteran staff member before the staff arrives. I'm trying to think of my best ideas for bonding, learning, and growing. I want staff week to be fun but informative, relaxed but structured. I've been very lucky in that I've had some really helpful and supportive people in my life that have been leading me through this process - one that some people didn't think I could do. I can't wait to get on the mountain. Lately, seeing pictures of the outdoors makes me long for camp. I smell fresh cut grass, I see clouds, anything.

I also have decided to take some grad courses this summer. I have wanted to get my gifted education certification and know that I need to do it now or it might not happen.. it would get put off. I'm going to be taking online courses through the University of Missouri (2 courses, 6 hours) for graduate credit. I'm starting this while I'm at camp and they end in August. I know it will be hard to juggle with camp but it is kind of go at your own pace since it is online so I can squeeze it in. I'm just excited about learning again and the potential the certification has for me in the future.

I've been a little frustrated with school as I wind down the year. Kids show up for exams without pencils, they have a map quiz as part of their exam and so far 9 have missed the United States, they roll their eyes and shove their hand in my face, they rap about really inappropriate things, they complain that I'm not like the other teachers because I'm actually giving an exam. Yet there have been some bright spots at school as well. I had my honors kids write what they will take away from their freshman year for bonus points (since their exam was hard) and I got some great responses. It is good to know being a hard >>> pays off sometimes. One student said she learned the merit of restraint and patience from me in how I dealt with her class. I'm not sure if that is a good or a bad thing? I also have gotten close to more teachers since we've had a bit of free time. I feel isolated at times in my room up on the 3rd floor and it is nice to get out.

I didn't get the part for the show, which was very disappointing for me. I have wanted to be in this particular show since I was little and this part was the one I dreamed of when I thought about being in it. I won't be able to be that part ever because I'm outgrowing it. I guess I just don't understand - I had worked hard and sang well. I don't like not getting feedback because I feel neurotic trying to break down what all it could have been. I was very excited about the prospective of being in the show because I was looking forward to being a part of the theatre community again. I love being in plays and devoting time to them, as well as getting to know the people that are in them.

The kitten is doing very well. He bites me out of playfulness, which hurts, but otherwise is very sweet. He loves laying on me as I use the laptop so he can watch me type. He is growing a lot too! I'll have to put up pictures.

Jake and I are about to make "fake Sawyers" for dinner. I'm so excited! I'm off to do that now...

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