Monday, May 18, 2009

Putting myself out there

This past year has been one whirlwind of a year. I graduated from grad school with my Master's (4.0!), moved back to Memphis, got a job, made new friends, got married, and now this school year is almost over. We've got a week left with kids and two days after that. My brothers are graduating this weekend, Jacob's team is going to state, and directly after school is over next week I head to Monteagle, TN for camp as assistant director. You'd think I'd be tired?

Yet, I yearn to do something more meaningful with my time. I don't like to fall into routines and patterns, especially when they are ones where I am not motivated to be my best. This is certainly the case for both school and home. At school I am challenged but not in the way I like. I feel, at times, emotionally abused by students and other times feel a lack of intellectual challenge. I'm addressing this and adapting in my profession (or at least trying to...) - that is a blog for another day in the future. I love many things about my job. I love being in a school because I want a job where something is always going on and where you are always interacting with people. I love my school because of the history and pride people have in the school. It is the oldest high school in Memphis. Yet, I'm teaching basic information to students who do not even have textbooks. I feel that I am doing something really important for them but at times I wish I could surround myself in my ideal classroom - one where cooperative learning is constantly taking place, one where students create their own rules and guidelines and I facillitate learning instead of instructing.

Outside of school, I'm also pursuing other interests. This weekend I had an audition for a play - my first audition since 9th grade. While I do not think I got in (they haven't called), it got me excited and working towards something. Instead of coming home, getting on facebook, cooking dinner, then watching TV, I was up doing something I cared about. I really enjoyed that and would have liked to have done the show but alas it was not in the cards. I'm pretty bummed about it but am trying to keep that PMA going.

With a week left with these kids, I'm going to try to appreciate them for who they are. I want to tell each one something positive about themselves that I have seen this year. They deserve that.

1 comment:

Amy Dale (Amy Cox) said...

good for you trying out for a play!
i have always wanted to be in a musical. but i doubt that will ever happen.
keep trying! it will work out!


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