Friday, May 29, 2009

Leaving for camp

Today I leave for a month to go be the Assistant Director at Camp Gailor Maxon. I am ridiculously excited but am going to miss home a lot. I'm a bit nervous about what Jake will get into when he is surrounded by boys at all times... especially Travis:) but I'm excited for him too because he will get to do some man-things. I think he plans to go see Star Trek, he is going to the lake this weekend, and he has a whole scheme for our front yard figured out.

I love a lot of things about camp but one thing I love the most is just being in the environment. I'm surrounded at school with negativity.. with kids that don't want to be there. Kids that are really hard to love. While I stay positive at school, it is really hard to be positive all the time - it is draining. A lot of people think I am nuts for using my summer vacation from work to work more but I feel that this will re-energize me. Being around these kids makes me remember why I want to teach. I love being outdoors and I love singing camp songs. I know I'll be exhausted at the end but that is ok -that is what July is for!

If anyone wants to write me mail:), my address is

Kathryn Jasper
c/o Camp Gailor Maxon, Dubose Conference Center
PO Box 339
Monteagle, TN 37356

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