Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Adventures of Sebastian the beaglebasset.

Last week, we had new neighbors move into the other side of our duplex. They have two golden retrievers that are well behaved and sweet. And apparently they give these well behaved, sweet golden retrievers GREAT toys.

One day, Jake went outside to get the dogs and thought he saw the tip of Sebastian's tail over the fence in the neighbor's yard (we can see over our fence into their part of the yard). He looked all over the dividing fence for a hole or part where the ground was open under it but there was nothing wrong. He thought maybe he was mistaken and went on. Then Sebastian started showing up with things - a turkey leg one day, a toy the next. We couldn't figure out where he was getting these treasures from.

Finally yesterday we figured it out - the crawl space to our house was left open after some work our contractor did and Sebastian would go under the house and make his way to the other side, visit with his new friends, and then come back over as soon as he heard our back door open so we'd never know. He is smarter than we thought! Jake crawled under the deck and closed the crawl space so it looks like unsanctioned play dates are over for now.

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