Wednesday, August 26, 2009

All sorts of things running through my head

With the start of school, I feel like I've lost my mind, my will, my sanity, my friends, and my personality. Teaching is great many days but the first weeks of school are outright stressful. I work from 6:45 until 3:30 (or later, it was 5 yesterday) and come home unable to carry on an intelligent conversation. I know soon things will die down but until then I just carry on and do the best I can.

We've got a new superintendent (this is his 2nd year) and he is instituting some major changes (you've read about some in previous blogs, if you're a faithful reader). It has come down to the most minuscule things that are not a big deal but add up - certain things that have to be displayed in the room, for instance. I've been working on making all the changes, as well as updating my rosters (since I am constantly getting new kids and losing others), making lesson plans, etc. Today was especially stressful simply because I felt overwhelmed.

And yet these kids have a way of reminding me why I'm there. Reading over "Warrior Pledges" I had the kids write, one boy said the most mature thing ever for his pledge. He pledged to "overcome the obstacles in his life and grow into a mature man who would succeed to his fullest capability." I wanted to hug him right then - no one told him to put that. He just did. And my honors class who led me astray for 30 minutes while we had an intense discussion on terrorism and the United States' role in global politics - those kids are amazing.

In addition to school, a few other things are on my mind:
- Beth is getting a ridiculously cute basset hound she is naming Toby. She is picking him up Friday. I can't WAIT to hear how awesome he is... I remember when Beams was getting picked up from his farm.

- My brothers are enjoying UT but Jacob is sick. It sure is hard to be sick away from home.

- I started back at bell choir tonight at church. It was harder than I remembered.

- The jury announced sentencing for a trial I've been watching closely since the actual crime. Everyone had been hoping for death penalty and he got life without parole. I didn't even have time to watch the proceedings but just hearing about the testimonies was hard. It doesn't get any easier every time I hear about it.

- We're looking forward to this weekend (hopefully cleaning a little bit) and definitely next weekend (Labor Day, 3 day weekend!)

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