Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beth's Wedding

This Saturday a very good friend of mine, Beth, is marrying her dream guy, Bradford Allen Vaughan. We'll be going to the wedding - in fact, I'm in the wedding. I am so excited to see them commit to each other and hope for the best for them.

Beth and I got to know each other as Orientation Leaders at UT in the spring of 2005. We grew close and maintained our friendship after that summer. During my senior year and Master's year, we grew especially close. I was lucky enough to have Beth as one of my bridesmaids - she trooped all the way from Knoxville for the occasion. I'm glad to repay the favor to her.

The picture above is of our little Knoxville clan at Eric's old apartment - next to me is Eric and then on the other side of me are Brad and Beth. They had just started dating at that point and this was a joint birthday party for Eric and me.

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