Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A trip to the gardens...

Monday was back to work for me. I am convinced that our administrators think they have to bribe us back to work because every year the first day back is at some nice place that semi makes us forget that we're technically working. It eases us into the new year.

This year, we had our meetings at the Memphis Botanical Gardens. I hadn't been since our Senior Luncheon for high school. I've always loved the gardens and think that it is one of Memphis's many assets. We had an uneventful day of meetings and all was well.

At the end of the day, I ran into my friend Mollie - she has a great job: she works at the Gardens! I've known Mollie forever it seems, going back to our days at Grahamwood. She is a bubbly, kind person and I always love catching up with her. Mollie offered to take me on a tour of their newest exhibit and so off we went!

The Gardens just opened "My Big Backyard" which is a children's exhibit. Oh my gosh it was so cute. I can tell a lot of time and money went into this. First you go in and there is a garden made out of refurbished furniture. There are actually tons of gardens throughout the exhibit but they are teaching gardens and each is a bit different. In addition to gardens, there is a bee exhibit, a worm tunnel that the kids can play in, an area where it "storms" every 30 minutes, a tree house, a club house (great for birthday parties), little houses for the kids to play in, and much more. If you look above, you'll see a map of the exhibit.

At 5$ for entry to the Memphis Botanical Gardens I feel like it is a steal - for kids, for dates, for married couples, for friends. AND Wednesdays during their Farmer's Market, it is FREE. How fun! Thanks, Mollie, for a wonderful stroll!

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