Monday, August 17, 2009

Going to the chapel...

Just got back from a whirlwind weekend! As my last blog post stated, we headed to Knoxville for a double-the-fun weekend - the Wilson/Vaughan wedding extravaganza and moving my brothers in at UT.

We hit the road Friday about 3:45 and made it to Knoxville about 10:30pm their time. We stopped by the "Vaughan townhome" for a quick hello, dropped off our awesome gifts, and gave our best wishes. We then were off to our swank digs for the night, the Cumberland House Hotel. My parents are responsible for that one - couldn't have done it otherwise. Probably would have been sleeping on the floor at said 'Vaughan townhome' with other bridal guests.

Saturday morning we went to Zaxby's for lunch (I love it and the one here is so far away) and reminisced about our glory days in college. Jake and I both decided we'd do it all again in a heartbeat and also reflected on the fact that everyone looked so young. We aren't old so we decided that college kids just look younger these days. Of course.

I headed on down to the church where we took lots of fabulous pictures. Beth looked gorgeous - she had her hair and makeup done and her dress was hand made by her personal seamstress from her pageant days. My favorite line of the pre-wedding time was when Beth's mom said that she expected grandchildren very soon. A wary Beth replied that finishing law school and getting a job would be first on the list, then added that her younger sister would have to get married first - to which Beth's mom replied "no! we don't know WHEN that will be!"

The wedding color was cornflower blue. For a summer wedding, this was beautiful and calm and stood out well at the church. We got to pick our own style from the David's Bridal collection as long as it was the right fabric, color, and length. I liked this because everyone was shaped differently and I also thought it looked neat.

The service was great - Brad was visibly touched as Beth came down the aisle and his display of affection clearly got to us all. We were all wiping away tears. The reception was at Calhoun's on the River. The food was awesome, the dancing was fun, and the cake was delicious!

After the wedding, Jake and I went to meet up with my family. We hadn't seen them yet in Knoxville and had a car load of my brothers' things. We introduced the fam to OCI (only the best burgers ever - no lie, better than Huey's) and enjoyed hanging out and catching up with them.

Sunday morning, we helped bring the last of the things up to my brothers' rooms. We organized for them, decorated a bit, and of course made a huge Target-run list. It was so nice to be able to do this with them. It gave me a better feeling that they'd be taken care of up there. I know they both are looking forward to college and both were ready to see us go! I got one last picture with them before we went on our way. We hit the road, got back to Memphis, and celebrated Jake's grandmother's birthday with his family. I mean it when I say we had a whirlwind of a weekend!

Beth relaxing calmly before the wedding

Cutting the cake

First Dance

Bridesmaid in action

Moving my brothers in at UT

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Our Volunteer Family said...

Kathryn - I have to disagree about OCI having the best burgers - they are better than Huey's - but nothing tops Copper Cellar :)


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