Sunday, August 2, 2009

I go away for ONE weekend and what happens?

This weekend I went to Hardy, Arkansas for an awesome canoe trip with great friends (more about that later). While I was there, I got a text from Jake back home - "We've got a toilet problem." So, I'm thinking "ok - get the plunger and we'll be fine." I call him to find out that no plunger will fix this situation. Turns out the toilet broke in half. Right - in HALF. Jake said he leaned back on it and heard a "crack" and then "splash" as all the water in the tank spilled out onto the floor. Luckily we have great landlords (hi mom!) and they have put a call in. We should get a new toilet on Monday. Until then, we're running over to the other side of our duplex (which is empty - anyone looking to rent?) and using that fully functioning toilet.

I came home from the trip today and surveyed the damage:

This crack goes all the way around the tank, as witnessed below. It showed no signs of damage before this weekend but probably had a hairline crack somewhere.
All in all, it made for a good laugh and humorous story to tell the friends. But I did realize how much I really enjoy having an operable toilet in our house!

1 comment:

Rachael Thompson said...

HILARIOUS!! Maybe your new toilet should be extra heavy duty to account for Jake's leaning....At least you didn't have water running down into your neighbors apt. :)


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