Saturday, January 1, 2011

Atlanta: the friends.

We went down to Atlanta to visit our friends Beth and Brad. Beth was an Orientation Leader with me and I quickly got to know Brad in the summer they started dating - Beth was gone to China so we were both inconsolable and spent time hanging out together, missing Beth the whole time. Beth is most definitely the smartest person I know and her humor is right on par with mine. Being so far away is hard so going to see them was a delight!

As I mentioned, they just moved into this cute house in a hip part of town:
When you walk in, you're in an open living concept room that is the whole downstairs - the living room, dining room, and kitchen:

 From there, you can head upstairs to the three bedrooms and two baths (there is a half bath downstairs too):

 And of course, who could forget their terribly adorable basset, Toby?

 We had such a blast with Beth, Brad, and Toby. I can't wait for Beth's visit in March!

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