Monday, January 10, 2011

Master Bath Dreams.

Since we're going to have to paint the master hallway once we create our "master suite" by closing the doorway, I want the paint to match the bathroom to create a cohesive space. I'd like to ditch the key lime green I've got currently (which I love but doesn't go with the scheme of the bedroom). Combine that with a semi-obsession with these Amy Butler towels I saw at Bed Bath and Beyond and you get the following idea board:


Hilary Dow Ward said...

Benjamin Moore paint is fabulous. The pigment is just the best and it is addictive ! Use it for one project and you'll never use anything else (speaking from experience!). Glad you're dreaming on past your kitchen, is it giving the hubs the shakes? Tehee.

Unknown said...

I am dreaming, indeed! In fact... you could call it schizophrenic dreaming because I can't decide what I want to do next... save for the den/deck project? Fund a facelift for the front? Modernize the two bathrooms?


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