Thursday, January 13, 2011

Building it back up.

Well, the demo has stopped and the building back has started... today we got insulation back in the walls, the "rough" electrical finished, some holes cut (like for the vent hood and AC vent), etc... Nothing too dramatic. Honestly the best part of what they have done was fix the overhead light - so you can actually see in there!

Here you can see the insulation, all the electrical, the (bright) light, all waiting for the walls (which come Monday):
 They also put in the insulation for the doorways turned into wall - so when the drywall guy comes Monday he'll do these too!

Middle bedroom:

 This part right here will eventually turn into a dressing area in our "master suite." Since we closed off this door, this mini-hallway only goes from our room (from the den). That door to the right is the bathroom and where I'm standing to take the picture is the bedroom, with the den door to my left.

 For this "dressing room", I'm getting a one tower Pax wardrobe from IKEA with a frosted glass door and then doing a dressing table coming off the side, all built into the wall. Should be fun!

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