Monday, January 17, 2011


Our wonderful workers came today in spite of the holiday - much like last week they came in spite of the snow. I'm very impressed. Today we started the process of getting walls. A few small things were accomplished in the morning (fixed the front sink's faucet finally, framed in the hole in the wall from the old medicine cabinet) before the drywall guy came in the afternoon. Here's the walls:
 He's got a day more of putting up walls and then "mudding" for two days. Thursday he should be done. Next week we get cabinets. 

Also, we bought our microwave today (saved about $100!) and the schoolhouse pendant light fixture came via


Hilary Dow Ward said...

Rockin' microwave, where's that puppy from?
Nice walls for your anniversary! I'd be thrilled.
Great progress, it looks like you'll have your space filled in no time and that fridge back to it's spot soon!

Unknown said...

Hilly - it is from Sears! It was the floor model so we got a steal on it. I love it because it has not much black. Our appliances are all stainless, no black so I didn't want a microwave that was more black than stainless.


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