Sunday, January 2, 2011

House Tour: Entryway.

With our recent IKEA trip, we purchased several frames after I was inspired by one of IKEA's online showroom pictures (here, #3 of the set). Our least utilized area of the house is easily our entryway, which is actually simply the other half of the living room. Our front door splits the living room and so half is living space and the other is this "entry". 

With the help of IKEA's cheap frames, hooks from Home Depot, the IKEA Lidan baskets, and some art I already had/some I created, I now have an IKEA-worthy entry:

 This corner has our coat closet, which is very deep and also houses our wrapping paper station

A closer look at the wall with the home-made art:

 The owl and green card are a greeting card from the Sewanee bookstore that I cut in half and framed. I printed the basset silhouette off the interwebs and created the house number print on Word. 

On the other wall I have my cross that I've had for a while, my "home" print with the letters made of Sewanee places (sweet Edie gave it to me at camp), and hooks for our keys. 

 I put one of the original skeleton keys for the house on one of the hooks. When we bought the house, the old couple had put the key for every interior door on the trim on top of that door so there were old keys everywhere. It was really cute.
 So there you have our entryway!


Our Volunteer Family said...

So cute!

emwvaughan said...

The entryway looks great! I love how the Ikea baskets turned out. (Looks like you got the perfect size.)


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