Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas place-setting.

I have a slight obsession with plates - well, dishes in general. For Christmas, my brother got me the Martha Stewart Festive Plaid bowls I have been eying. Such a good brother!

The day after Christmas, I went to Macy's and got the salad plates and a white with red rim Martha plate to complete the look. I set it all up and added in some William-Sonoma Christmas napkins and my Goodwill Christmas mugs I found in August:
And - for emphasis, I placed it all on my stained, nasty kitchen countertops, in front of the nice paneling in our kitchen and on top of our granny cabinets. Because I must document them all before they get gutted out!!

I'll be boxing this all up for next Christmas - can't wait to use them!

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