Friday, December 17, 2010

Ode to Kate Spade.

Recently, my friend Hilary blogged about her love of Kate Spade. It brought up reminders of kate spade's cool factor in middle school/high school - you weren't anyone unless you carried a ks purse. When I started looking at china for our wedding registry, I discovered ks has other beauties - dishes included. What I love most about kate spade is the use of bright color. I love bright colors - especially I love her use of oranges, pinks, and greens (my favorites). 

I put together a little mashup of my favorite kate spade things lately. I especially love:
1. this lovely dotted purse
2. the jeweled bracelet
3. correspondence cards - nothing like a good post mailed note
4. the purple/red/bow/large tote -ness of this bag
5. these super cute pieces of china, which is my favorite of her products

elyse top
$195 -
Kate Spade sweaters »

head in the sand melinda
$425 -
Leather handbag »

barrow street anabel
$245 -
Kate spade tote »

a shining light
$48 -
Printed bracelets »

idiom notecards
$30 -


Hilary Dow Ward said...

Her dishes are fabulous! That's what our wedding china is/was. I was really afraid I would tire of it but 5 years later I'm still loving it. I hope I still do in 40 years! Kate is just the best! Agreed and love your picks!

Unknown said...

I love your wish-list! I am hoping to get some kate spade china for my 20th anniv. this next year! I don't know what pattern I like best but I think I would take any of them!!!



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