Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Shoes. I need 'em.

I have a lot of dress shoes for work and church. What I lack are casual shoes. When I am running out the door to meet friends for lunch or go grocery shopping, my options are limited. I have some moccasins (Minnetoka brand, super cute) for when I'm wearing brown things. I have some red shoes that work with certain colors. But when I'm wearing anything with black at all, I have trouble knowing what shoes to wear. I really need a versatile winter casual shoe. In the summer, flip flops rule the day but in the winter, I need something that keeps the feet warm without making me look frumpy. 

I gathered a few options to explore:


Shoes by kjasper1 featuring a longsleeve tee

I whipped together a polyvore based on my shopping at What I love/don't love about each:
1. Versatile, could go with browns and blacks, probably comfortable, good price, but kind of boring. 
2. Super trendy, good price, but I worry about support and wear.
3. See #2.
4. These are probably my favorites... I love my keens I already have and these would go with black and brown. The price hurts though. 
5. The kid in me loves these and I think they are fun. However, I can't seem to find my size anywhere online and they are on sale at so I'm thinking they are out of stock. 
6. These aren't black like I need but they are really really cute and I want them...but they aren't what I need... 

I'll be holding off on buying any casual shoes for a bit due to budgetary constraints but I'll report back when I've made my decision.


emwvaughan said...

Want to do some shoe shopping when you come to Atlanta? There's actually a DSW right down the street from Ikea. :-)

Amy Dale (Amy Cox) said...

you should try a small kitten heel or small wedge. nothing too dramatic. but it will help elongate your legs and unwrinkle the gather of pants at the bottom, in turn lessening any "frumpyness".

and they don't have to be uncomfortable. there is a brand at dillards that is cute shoes but with the comfort of old people shoes. Nuture is the brand. (not naturalizer). they have spring heels (like the popular nike shoes) and are made with great materials and have great support. there are some really cute styles. i use them to shoot 8-11 hour weddings in.

definitely worth a look. and yes, they ARE in the old lady section of the shoes! :D

Hilary Dow Ward said...

Girl you know what kind of shoes I'm going to say you should get. I swear by them, practically all I wear now. they feel really good on your feet, snazzy, and by my calculations, given the cost and the number of days I wear them they cost about $.50 a day. That's worthwhile isn't it? Take yourself a little trip to Joseph and try some'll be fun if not anything else.


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