Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thoughts on pictures.

After taking our Christmas card pictures with Amy Dale, I've been thinking back on my experience with our wedding photos a lot. I love our wedding photos but what I don't love is that I don't have digital copies of them. With Amy, we got a disk of 48 edited images from our 2 hr shoot. If I could have even just 48 of the images from our wedding day, I would be so happy. 

With many of my friends (and blog readers) getting married, my biggest piece of photographer advice (after finding someone who doesn't drive you crazy), is to find someone who will give you the disk of your images as part of your package. I didn't get that and I regret it a lot - to buy ours from the photographer was like $600 extra dollars. I understand that photographers want to make money by having you use their service to print but sometimes I just want to look at them... and I can't. Isn't that sad? So do yourself a favor and pick someone who gives a disk! Like Amy! (I'm not biased...)

We do have this great picture of us our friend Eric snapped right as we were married:

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