Monday, January 23, 2012

{Anniversary Trip} New Orleans, Lunch at Drago's.

After walking around all morning (oh how I wish I had turned on my Map My Run app!), we had worked up quite the appetite. While I do not like seafood, I knew that Jake would want to eat as much seafood and New Orleans/Cajun cuisine as possible. We decided to head down the river walk to Drago's to get his oyster fix.
 Drago's is in the bottom of the Hilton Hotel. It is a huge restaurant so even though there were lots of people there, we got a table almost immediately. They are known for their oysters, so Jake got an order of them. Being the non-seafood person, I opted for the lunch portion size of the veal with pasta and a caesar salad.
 I loved my meal and it was more than enough food. Since we were trying to do this trip without breaking the bank, we decided that lunch would be better for this restaurant, as their entrees have lunch versions that are smaller (and cheaper). If you're doing oysters, this doesn't really matter, but if you're planning a trip to New Orleans and want to go to Drago's, you might look at the menu and see if this would be a good choice for lunch.

Jake's oysters were a hit - and I enjoyed them as well since I took some of his bread and sopped up the butter garlic sauce (..yum).

Other than a less than attentive waiter (I think he was overworked with a party of 12 women in Saint's gear next to us), the restaurant was a great choice. If you're planning on visiting New Orleans, this is worth putting on your list.

After eating lunch, we walked down the river walk to our next stop - the Aquarium.
 I even got Jake to agree to a self-portrait picture...
Next, the Aquarium.

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