Thursday, January 12, 2012

An Art Mystery.

The other day, my mom and I did a run to Gary's Antiques (Cooper at Central for you locals) for a little treasure hunt. If you've never been to Gary's, my mom describes it best - like a mix of American Pickers and Hoarders in a three room small storefront. Strangely, some things are vastly overpriced, while others are completely underpriced. Part of the fun, I suppose. But I digress...

On this particular trip, I was looking in a box of frames and found a little painting of the sea. My mom took a liking to it and we went to the front where the guy (Gary?) sold it to us for $5.00. My mom went to Michael's and got a frame and mounted it inside the frame. She decided to put it in the boys' bathroom at their house (yes, we have a boys and a girls).

Interestingly, the painting is old (the canvas is made with a wood frame) and signed "Stevens." So my mom decided to google the artist and found out that larger paintings of this Stevens character are selling for upwards of $400-$600.

Now the hunt is on to unearth the identity of the artist. We've done thorough google searches - the ebay listings of the Stevens paintings all list the artist as simply "Stevens" (all with the same signature) and the sellers do not know anything about the paintings. So we've got ourselves a little mystery!

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