Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Here's to talented friends.

For Christmas I wanted to give my parents a watercolor picture of their house after seeing some float around on Pinterest. One of my friends, Hayley, is an art teacher and was an art major in college and so I asked her if she could do one for me. She said yes and so I emailed off a picture of my parents' house. A week later, she gave me the finished product and I was floored. Amazed. In love. Hayley surpassed all my expectations.

Here is the watercolor she did (I got the frame at Michael's):

And here's the picture I sent her:

Isn't it amazing? She did such a great job. I think she should open an etsy store and sell her watercolors, prints, and do commissioned paintings. Wouldn't that be perfect? Comment here if you think so - I'm starting a campaign.

In gifts and friends with gifts,
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