Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Go there: High Point Pizza.

I love pizza. Blog about it a lot. I had heard about High Point Pizza before but had never gone since we sort of have our pizza staples (mostly our weekly trip to Garabaldi's). But the other day when my friend Ellen got her new dog Lily, we were visiting in her new house and got the hunger. She lives in High Point so we decided to walk over to High Point Pizza (side note - pedestrian neighborhoods with little strips of business = wonderful).

High Point Pizza is a small little neighborhood spot on (of course) High Point Terrace in East Memphis. Their crust is ridiculous - it has some sort of garlic butter flavoring to it. We got our standard (pepperoni with mushrooms on half) and loved it. Ellen and Matthew got the Cajun Chicken. They report it is very delicious.

I definitely recommend going if you're in Memphis. It only has a few tables but doesn't seem to get too busy so you should be ok. They've got a website (here) and their menu is on there.

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