Friday, January 27, 2012

{Anniversary Trip} New Orleans, Cafe du Monde.

The one place everyone tells you to go when you visit New Orleans is Cafe du Monde in the French Quarter. It is the original coffee house of the French Market and is right across from Jackson Square. We knew we wanted to go but also knew that the lines could be ridiculous so we played it by ear, thinking we'd walk by it at some point and the line would be manageable. Well, that didn't happen on Saturday at all. In fact, the line was longer than I've ever seen it. So we decided to try our luck on the way out of town on Monday.

Lucky for us, that was a great time to go - we didn't even stand in line. When you go to Cafe du Monde, you have to get the beignets. Otherwise, you're missing the whole point of this place. One order is three small beignets (which are essentially doughnuts, but so much better). We split this. Jake got coffee and I got hot chocolate (sugar to go with your order of sugar?):

The place is very efficient. Tables are crammed in, the menu is on the napkin dispenser, and it is cash only, paid when your food arrives. 

 After filling up on sugar, we left happy and fulfilled. It was a sign that it was ok to head back home to the Land of the Blues.

On the way back to the car, we did make one stop - to get a Christmas ornament for our trip. We have a little tradition of getting an ornament for meaningful things. Jake proposed using a Christmas ornament and we got one on our beach honeymoon (it is a sand dollar painted with a Santa). So these two will add to the collection:

After that, it was all interstate and a bit of Words with Friends action on my part. And of course, we couldn't leave New Orleans without getting some of our favorite chips for the road:
And that's all, folks! Until next time...

In all things Cajun,

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