Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Make this: Gorgonzola Spinach Pasta with Chicken.

Last night, I looked in the fridge trying to figure out what to make based on what was needing to be used. I had gorgonzola cheese and fresh spinach. And with that, a recipe was born.

This is a pasta in cream sauce with spinach and gorgonzola, with shredded chicken mixed in. It was relatively easy to cook (the hard part was getting the cream sauce to thicken without boiling it) and the taste is spot on.

You'll need:
a bigger pasta (rigatoni, large macaroni shells, etc)
1 pint heavy cream
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 tablespoon rosemary, chopped
2 cups shredded chicken (*we used rotisserie but you could use chicken breast)
1/2 cup gorgonzola cheese
 What you'll do:
1) Boil your pasta (throw in some olive oil and salt)
2) Pour the cream into a large sauce pan over medium heat. Add rosemary and garlic and simmer - don't let it boil. Heat until the cream reduces by about half.
 3) Once the sauce has reduced, stir in gorgonzola cheese and let the sauce thicken. Once it has thickened enough, add in the spinach and chicken. Flavor with salt and pepper, if desired.

4) Add in the pasta and stir to coat.
 And serve!

 **This recipe was inspired by one I had pinned on Pinterest, found here.

I'd say this one is a keeper - only 6 ingredients, took 20 minutes to make, and tasted delicious. Try it yourself!

In heavy cream,
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